Custom camera views for FENIX A320

The custom cameras have been defined as follows:
Custom camera 0 - pilot view
Custom camera 1 - left wing view
Custom camera 2 - GOPRO cockpit view
Custom camera 3 - right wing view
Custom camera 4 - left engine view
Custom camera 5 - overhead panel
Custom camera 6 - right engine view
Custom camera 7 - central panel
Custom camera 8 - FMC
Custom camera 9 - co-pilot view

Installation instructions:


The file (CAMERAS.CFG) need to be copied in the main MSFS location, not the Community folder. Proceed only if you feel comfortable with the following instructions:

locate the "Airplanes" folder in the main Microsoft Flight Simulator installation location. This folder contains sub-folders for each airplane for which you have already saved custom camera views. Inside each subfolder there is a CAMERAS.CFG file with the custom camera views for each airplane. If you haven't saved custom camera views, then the "Airplanes" folder might be empty, or not present.

For the Microsoft Store installation, the path is as follows:

For Steam installation the path is:
C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects\Airplanes


Make a backup of the "Airplanes" folder, in case you want to revert to your own saved camera views.
Unzip this package in a temporary location
Copy the "Airplanes" folder into the "SimObjects" folder
Launch the Microsoft Flight Simulator and make sure that you have assigned keys or buttons (on controllers) for the custom views. You do this in OPTIONS > CONTROLS.
Thanks for downloading . If you encountered any problem, feel free to message me :)