GSX Profile for the third party freeware scenery for EHLE (Lelystad Airport) by FrankGPilot. Gates 05, 06, 07 and 08 are configured for GSX. Using the terminal floor in combination with GSX as a starting point for the passengers or as a path for the walking wanderers is not possible. Problem with the height there. Maybe the developer will be so kind to have another look at this. 

All GSX vehicle positions have been reconfigured so they don't drive through each other. The passengers all start walking around the corner at the south of the terminal-building and will be in good shape by the time they arrive in the aircraft. The walking wanderers all walk on the pavement just outside the terminal. The Pushback routes have been re-configured and given easy names related to the Runway the aircraft will be taxiing to. 

Hope you enjoy all this effort.




Unzip the downloaded file
Copy the extracted ehle-icrk9r.ini file to the GSX Config directory. Typically found in: