Welcome! this the KMIA Miami airport lights fix mod, based on recent media and data to reproduce the most accurate light enviroment of the airport.

NOTE: this mod was thinked and made for LATINVFR KMIA addon, it can work as well as for other versions like Deluxe edition or stock airport, but please keep in mind that the results won't be the same since this mod is meant for a specific version of the airport.

- LATINVFR KMIA: https://latinvfr.com/products/latinvfr-miami-kmia-msfs


1. Extract the rar and open the folder

2. Copy the folder named (valexyo.......) and paste it in your community folder

3. Enjoy the mod and leave a comment n rating!

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Suggestion for other airports are welcomed but it doesn't mean that i'm going to do them 100%, but if you want to give me ideas i'd like to thank you!