keeps changing the livery names which can cause a duplicate file with different name which will cause a ctd, dont copy and paste

keeps changing the livery names which can cause a duplicate file with different name which will cause a ctd, dont copy and paste

keeps changing the livery names which can cause a duplicate file with different name which will cause a ctd, dont copy and paste

tres fidele!! quasiment tout y est!! mais le fort saute et change de ratio/ hauteur a l approche.... sinon bravo

Doesn't work

EDIT: It was my mistake, everything works and liveries are great

Have you tried getting into the other variants after putting this mode in the passanger variant? the other variants do not have any dedicated textures, they reference the textures of the passanger, so it should work.

After further investigation, this was because the A/P was still on when I thought I had disengaged it! Which is strange because I was manually flying before landing, and autopilot should not have been working at that point.

Thank you for the fantastic add-on. I've noticed some weird trim behavior. It seems like the aircraft is ignoring my trim inputs - even trimming against me in the landing configuration when I'm trying to trim for correct landing AOA.

Ah, that makes good sense. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I've made note of your recommendation regarding the main folder name, for future reference. For the current project, I've amended the installation instructions to emphasize the importance of removing any older versions.

When downloading it does give a zip file just a read file that you can’t read really interested in fly this mod

I think PACX is payware, so it's kinda understandable that they got some issues with copyright stuff. Mine is free (I'm not making any money from this) and I've fully credited all announcements and images.

Ups, thanks.

Fixed it (but no new upload now for this little thing)

Thanky for reporting back.

In my case, it doesn't matter, but every system is different. Glad it works now.

Would be great to have it compatible with VR 🙏

I just leave the Recorder running (and recording) in the background. If MSFS crashes you can Stop Replay, load back in to MSFS in your plane, Replay on Recorder, Pause Replay, drag the time indicator to the end, then Stop Replay. You'll have control again near where you had the CTD. Sounds like a lot but it's pretty simple, and sometimes the engine is off, so be ready for Ctrl-E! EDIT: as far as autopilot/flight plans I'm not sure, but you could probably reload the flight plan if you have to. Probably easier than manual saves (?)

Could you also do the area around the airport? That would complete this perfectly!

same for me for some reason after the updated nothing is working missing files etc

The thumbnails don't show like that to me. Guess you are using a wide resolution or something. In 1080p we can just see half the plane. You should resize the thumbnails.

Had your scenery for a while but tonight was my first flight from HECA, amazing scenery love it even though I didn't flare enough and banged it into the runway! Next time will be a greaser I'm sure.

Bonjour, j'aime bien votre travaille avec les batiments (surtout le restaurant), mais le mesh de la piste est beaucoup trop plat et ne correspont pas à la réalité. Ca serait super (5-étoilles), si vous pourriez améliorer ça encore 😊.

Hopefully this won't be taken down as the announcements por PACX a while ago 😫 Definitely downloading whilst I have the chance!

Thanks a lot for your comment !!! 😊 I will add it into my todos 😊 I will leave soon on holiday, so the delivery speed will decrease a bit, so as I have much in the pipe, I cannot commit for when it will be available. I am really sorry for this 😞

Thank you! I have seen on YT another video of a real 737 pilot at Ryanair in Spanish and the procedures are the same as this checklist and flows. So: good job! Very useful.

All your repaints are top-notch!! Not had any other textures with the same level of details as yours! Awesome!

also wenn Ich am Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (UKB) vom Parkplatz 28 Starten will dann steckt der Heli zur hälfte in der Startplatform. Ja das Bejamin Fraenklin schaut auch echt Top aus das hätte Ich Mir vom UKB gewünscht aber Ich bin ja schon Froh das es wenigstens im MSFS dank Dir dabei ist und man von dort Einsätze Fliegen kann.

Поясню для дурачков, я ржу над ливреей, ибо это дурацкая байка. Но не ржу над самим конфликтом, надеюсь так понятнее?

А что там насчет украинских матерей?

The number is no problem. I agree with you on that. I was talking about the font (the type style itself). I wish I knew better how to explain and wish I knew the actual font to describe. All I can tell is from photos.

Yep, it is. just avoid placing arresting gears closer than ~5km from each other, as script can captures the wrong one and calculate tailhook collision with them instead of closest.

normally it should be placed by changing test-moving-mission location change, but you need to rename project so there will be no conflict with mine moving carrier (or delete "touchingcloud-test-moving-carrier" folder from Community).

Also you can set initial heading angle there, normally it's heading to the next waypoint.

To set the route you need to edit "test-moving-ship.xml" manually - it has WaypointList where you can set several waypoints. it will start to follow to the next waypoint right after appearance, and pass them one by one.

Hello 👋!

Thanks for your nice comment 🙂 I also planned to add automation to the tool 👍

cars drive along the runway, it's confusing 😁 otherwise good, but bad that there is no parking