This is a Layer for the XTouch Gauges addon to help control the ATR autopilot.

To use this file you first have to install FUNATIC's phantastic XTouch gauge for the Behringer X-Touxh Mini and Axis and Ohs
from here:

Download it and read the excellent documentation on how to install and use it. Install it.

After that unzip the XTouch_ATR_0.txt file from the ATR ZIP package to 
%UserProfile%\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\Scripts\XTouchGauge.

In Axis and Ohs open RPN Scrits Group "XTouch" (should be there after installation of the XTouch gauge)
Make a copy of the
"INIT_XTouch_PerAircraftTemplate_AUTO" script
Name it e.g.
and save it.

In this new script change the following entries
<Macro·Name="XTouch_Macro_Aircraft_Code">ATR\n (This shortcut has to match the one used in the filename (XTouch_ATR_0.txt).

Save the script.

Follow the instructions from the XTouch gauge package to apply the XTouch template and the new INIT_XTouch_ATR_AUTO script to an ATR aircraft in Axis and Ohs.