This template can be imported into Axis and Ohs for the XTouch Mini to control some of the Fenix A320 cockpit controls.

It includes all the scripts that are assigned to buttons and rotary knobs as well as an aircraft automated script that sets the XTouch button and rotary LEDs.

I've included a picture of how my XTouch Mini is currently set up. I use my XTouch with other aircraft too, especially the PMDG 737, so some of the labels on my XTouch don't match the label/terminology in the Fenix, but have similar function, or some are not applicable at all to the Fenix.

Regarding the XTouch rotary knobs, for the knobs on the actual A320 MCP that can be pushed or pulled, I've configured it so that doing a short push of the XTouch rotary is the same as pushing the knob in the cockpit. A long push of the XTouch rotary is the same as pulling the knob. Top label/bottom label of those rotaries identify push/pull functions.

A short push of the Baro rotary just toggles between actual and STD. I don't have all the rotaries do something when pushed, but they all do something when turned.

I mainly use XTouch layer A, but I've scripted one rotary for layer B too. In layer A, the top right rotary changes all the panel lighting, and if you press it it will toggle the dome light between Off/Min/Brt. If you press the layer B button, then the top right rotary will set the cockpit flood lighting. After setting that, remember to go back to layer A.

The one assigned axis I have setup is for the speedbrake (spoiler), for the XTouch slider. It should work, but doesn't always work consistently, so just a heads up.

My XTouch Mini is assigned to ID 3. You may need to open each assignment in Axis and Ohs and then hit each XTouch button on yours to get them properly mapped.

Be sure to setup the "My FENIX LED script" as an active Aircraft automated script in Axis and Ohs so the LEDs will be lit appropriately, if it doesn't get imported automatically.