Glider  JS3-18

🛫 SCHL Hacienda Lipangue Airport
🛬 SCLC Municipa De Vitacura
⌚ November 04, 12:00 PM local in MSFS
↗️ Ridge
📏 279 km total (254 km task) / 173 mi total (158 mi task)
⏳ 90 to 180 minutes (1h30 to 3h)
✈️ Flapped
🎚 ★★★★☆ - Professional

This is not easy even thou there is more than one waypoint you need to read the map carefully some of the waypoints can be tricky to reach and for extra fun I added altitude restrictions on two of them.
Start Max 5000ft
WP2 Max 16000ft
WP3 Max 7500ft

Thanks Biggles for fight plan ans SCC Soaring Club for weather

thanks Catrapo Total -

 SCC Sim Soaring Club