Another release supported and created by the AIG community. This mod aims to significantly improve and increase the AI operations at Le Aero Design's RKSI. You will see a significant increase in AI aircraft spawning and gates that are opened up. The original airport is required. 


  • Correct & updated airline coding sampled between 20 Nov and 3 Dec 2023.
  • Hand-sorted and coded data to get airplanes to park at their respective GATE not terminal. You will see Cathay Pacific parking on the latter 40-50 gates rather than just 'terminal 1' arbitrarily. You will have Delta parking between gates 247-253 like they usually do in real life. This is reflected in ALL AIRLINES even Cargo Operators
  • Fully optimized ground traffic routes, appropriate hold short types and taxi routing
  • Added taxiway coding based on December 2023 Foreflight mapping (Jeppesen)
  • Complete overhaul of gate radius, re-categorized all gates to their appropriate type (Ramp/Gate/Mil etc/)
  • Preserved wingspans on some gates for user aircraft
  • Preservation of original scenery files (no modifications or replacements required)

This modification utilizes the resized wingspan due to the Asobo bug that encircles a 6m bubble between each parking spot.

Please copy and replace the "aig-aitraffic-oci-beta" in your AIG installation location.

Drag and drop "z-rksi-incheon-intl" into your community folder.

FSLTL and other traffic programs are not supported. For best use, only AIG is supported.