Northern Norway #1

Norway… the land of fjords, glaciers, jagged peaks, and beautiful terrain, Norway is a highly mountainous country. Located in northwestern Europe, Norway is a large, mostly coastal country with a rugged topography.

The Northern Norway region is the northernmost part of the country. It includes the counties of Troms, Finnmark and Nordland, which is about 35% of mainland Norway’s total area. Often called the land of the midnight sun, much of Northern Norway is located above the Arctic Circle. As a result, it is a great place to see the northern lights in the winter months or to experience all-day sunlight in the summer. Northern Norway is a multicultural region that’s home to Norwegians, the Sami people, Kvens, and a sizable Russian population. Topographically, the region is quite diverse, with fjords, islands, alpine terrain, glaciers, and spruce forests. The region is also known for being home to the Lofoten archipelago, which is a truly stunning collection of mountainous islands. Northern Norway is a particularly fantastic place to hike and adventure, thanks to its many national parks and recreation areas. Moreover, it contains many nature reserves and conservation areas.

This first part of Norway has three legs:

  • In the first leg we will discover Spitsbergen, the largest of all the islands of the Svalbard archipelago, the polar bear’s kingdom. This archipelago located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole, is a unique place due to its unforgiving but fragile arctic nature. That’s why more than half of Svalbard consists of protected areas.
  • In the second leg we will discover the Finnmark region, the heart of Norwegian Lapland. Despite being the largest county in Norway, it is the least populated, as it has a very cold climate. Alta, with only 17,000 inhabitants, is the largest city in Finnmark... it is known by the nickname the City of the Northern Lights for its spectacular views of this phenomenon. 

With its spectacular natural landscape and rich Sami culture, this region is characterized by its vast expanses of tundra, its imposing mountains, its crystalline rivers and the presence of the majestic Barents Sea.

  • In the third leg we will discover the county of Troms, which together with Finnmark, is the geographical centre of gravity of the Sami population of Norway. It is located north of the Arctic Circle and due to the long distance to the more densely populated areas of the continent, this is one of the least polluted areas of Europe.

Troms has a coast facing the Norwegian Sea that is very rugged and indented and deeply crisscrossed by fjords. However, the large and mountainous islands along the coast provide an excellent sheltered waterway on the inside. The county is predominantly mountainous… the most alpine and striking are the Lyngen Alps, with several small glaciers and the highest mountain in the county, Jiekkevarre.

Voices and Texts in English, Catalan and Spanish

You will fly with the Beechcraft King Air 350I or the Beechcraft Baron G58 and have the weather window active so you can experience all the routes at different times and seasons. At the beginning of each leg, the plane is parked and in a Cold & Dark situation. If you want to start the plane quickly, just press the "CTRL + E" keys and activate the lights. You also have a flight plan available with all legs (Norway 1.pln). I hope you enjoy it!

Northern Norway #2:


You have two .rar files available:

  • Norway 1 CAT-ESP-ENG.rar: contains the text and audio files in Catalan (es-ES), Spanish (es-MX) and English
  • Norway 1 ESP-ENG.rar: contains the text and audio files in Spanish (es-ES, es-MX) and English

Once the corresponding file has been downloaded, unzip the file and copy all the folders “nor-norway-Txx-CAT” and/or “nor-norway-Txx” and “nor-norway-T01S” in the "Community" folder of your MSFS.

Note: BushTrip created with BushTripInjector, many thanks to its creator BuffyGC for her support and help, and with LittleNavMap by Alexander Barthel. Spanish/English translations: Google Translator. I also thank the authors of the photographs included in each leg. Music by Musictown from Pixabay.