2024 June 25.

One of our community member created All-in-one installer for freeware airports in Korea. 



WIP(Work in Progress) RKSS Gimpo International Airport

3D Modeling by Korea Fix Team(플심죠아님, 트리플세븐님, 사이언스과학TV님). All credit goes to Korea Fix Team

We are "Fly Together Korea" group and we've made many of Korean airports and this was the very first one. So far we've made RKNY, RKPC, RKJJ, RKSS and RKSI
한국분이시라면 저희 네이버 카페인 cafe.naver.com/msfs2020 오셔서 좋은 정보 많이 얻어가시길 바라며, 저의 채널인 Fly with DEEKAY오셔서 같이 단체 비행도 하고 하시면 좋겠네요! ^^

WIP(Work in Progress)
- A lot of taxi ways are missing
- International terminal will be done in the future. 

Thank you for downloading.
Please unzip attached file(Koreafix-Gimpo Airport folder) and put it into community folder.

Fly Together Korea Discord: https://discord.gg/eAKkyNcTRX